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If you want to use an account with ZoomBlast, you need a "ZoomGroups ID". In other words, you need to create an accoun at ZoomGroups.

ZoomGroups is not "a different site", rather, it is the platform used by ZoomBlast to identify yourself. It is also a platform that allows you to do countless things: create email groups "a la YahooGroups", blogs, social networking, trade, etc. and of course, use ZoomBlast :-)

Please note that ZoomGroups is undergoing a major redesign (the current design is, well, a bit old-fashioned and not very user friendly), so if you use other ZoomGroups services, do expect lots of improvements in the near future.

After you've created and confirmed your ZoomGroups account, you'll be able to start using ZoomBlast from your own account right away.

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You don't need an account to vote or submit videos. However, we suggest you do create it for a number of (good) reasons:

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